Vanity Girl Hollywood Starlet Lighted

VANITY GIRL Hollywood Starlet Lighted Tabletop Vanity Mirror in Silver


I had been wanting a lighted vanity for a long time but couldn’t find one that suited my taste. In December my husband bought me the Hayworth Vanity from Pier 1 Imports.  You can buy an optional mirror but it doesn’t have any lights and my bedroom lighting isn’t adequate for makeup application so I only got the vanity itself.  I ended up buying a small $30 lighted mirror from Ulta. It was great for doing eye makeup but too small for the entire face so I kept looking for something bigger that was going to compliment my vanity.  I stumbled across the VANITY GIRL Hollywood website and was contemplating buying the Broadway Lighted Vanity Mirror when my husband remarked that the Starlet Lighted Tabletop Vanity Mirror was a better fit for my Hayworth Vanity.  I ended up purchasing the beautifully crafted Starlet Lighted Tabletop Vanity.  It’s also made in the USA so that was a plus in my book.  You can purchase it here.  It is available in three colors on line (black, white and silver).


What VANITY GIRL Hollywood’s website says about their product:

Functional and classy, this premium lighted vanity mirror is perfect for any standard makeup station. Available in several different color combinations and embossed with our signature logo, the Starlet Lighted Vanity Mirror is not only beautiful and tasteful, but functional too! Equipped with six globed, professional quality, dimming light bulbs, the 25″ x 18″ mirror offers enough soft, clean white light to illuminate skin tones and colors accurately, giving you control over every detail of your hair and makeup. This self-supporting lighted mirror system is ideal for discerning women and makeup artists who are set on creating a flawless look. Embrace your perfectionism with this glamour-inspiring table-top mirror.



This is the box it was shipped in.  It weighs about 40lbs.


My toddler was just as excited about opening the box as I was.  You can see her little hand on the right. 🙂


The mirror without the bulbs.


It came with one extra bulb.




It was extremely easy to put together didn’t take more than 10min.


Here is the mirror on top of my vanity.


The lights are set to the brightest setting here.






This knob controls the lighting.


There is really no room left for my brushes on the vanity.


The casing around the mirror is solidly built with a heavy wooden base that attaches with three screws.  The mirror is excellent quality and it has substantial mass so it doesn’t feel light and wobbly.  I am really enjoying using this mirror.  I do have a small nitpick about the craftsmanship.  On the back of the mirror where the welds are located the manufacturer did not take the time to clean up around the welds and there is some residual spattered metal that gives a rough texture where the parts are joined.  It’s no big deal and I think I only bring it up because I know it’s there.  The lighting is perfect, I was able to do my makeup with the main bedroom light off only using the mirror lights.  It’s exactly what I wanted.  The only draw back is that it’s massive.  It takes almost all the space on the tabletop so I’m going to have to find a new place for my brushes.  I am going to get the Hayworth Lingerie Chest that matches the vanity to store my makeup in and I think that’s where my brushes will end up.  There is also a wall mounted options for this mirror but I don’t think it comes with a stand so make sure you know what you want because the version I have has the stand permanently welded to the frame.  I am so happy with this product, I love applying my makeup sitting down instead of hunching over the bathroom sink

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